Ceramic pie plate - time or temp or technique change?

I usually bake pies in a metal pie pan, or if I want to make it pretty, I use a tart pan so I can remove the pastry for serving. But this year I was planning on using a pretty ceramic (not clear pyrex) pie pan. And then I wondered if that's going to make a difference when I bake. It doesn't really matter if it takes longer to bake, because I'm making it tomorrow to serve on Christmas day, but then I wondered if the bottom is going to cook well enough in the ceramic. I don't care if it's not brown, but I don't want it soggy or uncooked.

It'll be an apple pie, by the way. Not that the fruit should make a difference.

So, if any of you have baked in both ceramic and metal tins, is there a difference that I need to worry about?


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