Best bite of food ever

Describe one singular bite of food that was so heavenly that the memory was imprinted in your mind forever.

A few years ago, I spent several days vacationing in the medieval town of Ribe, Denmark. Danish food is pretty boring, but they do one thing extremely well: Dansk Wienerbrød. This is not a hot dog on a roll. You know it as Danish, or Danish pastry. What other country has invented a dish so good, that it's name has become genericized throughout the world? I mean, who says, "Let's have a cup of coffee and a Canadian?"

I found myself sitting on a bench in the town square, in the same spot where Vikings sat thirteen centuries before, with an Almond Kringle, a marzipan-filled yeast pastry, still warm from the bakery. I slid it from the bag, and took a bite. My wife wanted some but, here's what happened:


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