Ukrainian food for Girl Guides

I'm a guide leader and am tasked with doing an cultural awareness segment with my girls tomorrow. We usually accomplish this by looking at Girl Guides (aka Girl Scouts in the USA) from another country and doing some activities around that. I've decided to do Ukrainian Girl Guides, as they are one of the newer groups to join the World Guiding Association. As a foodie, I plan to focus on food-related stuff - I am going to have the girls make perogies (albeit the frozen store bought kind - I do NOT have the patience to do scratch with this group) and I was thinking of doing donuts as well (you know the traditional Ukrainian/Polish ones - well, I can't manage that, but I can do homemade donuts with sugar and cinnamon). Any other ideas? I thought cabbage rolls, but not sure if that would fly with this age group (9 to 13). What would you do?


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