Trying to perfect a blue cheese cheesecake

What do you look for in a cheesecake? Texture, flavor, sweetness? And what about the crust, does it have to be graham cracker based or do you prefer something else?

I hate baking. But I've also come to appreciate it having worked alongside an entire bakery department for 6 months. So I've been working my way through various baking ideas.

Which brings me to one of my pet peeves of the food world: cheesecake. I find this dessert to be quite often too rich or too sweet, and most times it's both. I'd previously made a blue cheese cake that tasted like a big glop of blue cheese mixed with sugar and eggs.

I think I've perfected my ideal cheese cake. It incorporates a little cranberry stilton, mascarpone and cream cheese. The flavor is subtle, the cake is creamy, and it's just sweet enough to be a dessert.

the full recipe is on my site if anyone's interested.


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