Tipping on Alcohol

After seeing the $47,000 bill entry, it reminded me of a question I've always had.

The reason his bill was that high was mainly due to the drinks he ordered (and therefore the tip was that high).

I read an article once (I think Food and Wine, but I don't really remember) where a writer went to celebrate and bought two expensive bottles of wine. The bottles of wine were more expensive than the food ordered. However, the waiter, after bringing over the bottles and opening it, never really did anything (i.e. pour the wine, change the ice bucket, etc...) When the guy was leaving, he tipped 20% for the food, but didn't tip on the wine. When the waiter followed him out to ask him if there was anything wrong, the man replied no. The waiter continued and asked, then why did he tipped so little, and an argument ensued over the tip on the wine. The man was pissed off and crossed off the tip on the credit card bill and replaced it with 0%.

Is there a rule for this? Do you just tip on the wine no matter what? For $40 bottles, this is not that big of a deal, but at several hundred.... it is.. so i was just wondering if there was some sort of rule for tipping on alcohol...


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