I have a love for food that perhaps overshadows most other interests. I started cooking seriously when I was 8 and I don't mean smiley face cookies.

That was a lifetime ago....and although I have never taken it up professionally my skills have evolved with me. Most people who know me have suggested I should start a catering gig or a restaurant not for me.

So here goes...I would love to help people become fearless chefs. I would love to advocate real fresh and always great though not always perfect meals that are on tight budgets.

I have watched shows going around with amazing meals and would be awesome if you were willing to spend a gazillion dollars grocery shopping on 1 meal...but for most of us in a real world we are on tight budgets especially now.

So how do we cook amazing from scratch (throw away the cans and boxes) meals within our means.

That's what I would like to blog about.

Do you think this is something worth sharing? I would love to hear and thanks for listening.

Hey....while you're at it....can you think up a cool name for the blog?


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