Serious Efforts: Cassoulet

This xmas dinner I'm doing a from-scratch cassoulet for 20+ people. I've been looking at some recipes today and I can't decide on exactly what to do.

I want it to be traditional, made with authentic ingredients, and, of course, blow-your-mind amazing. But, it also needs to be somewhat "do-able" in the sense that I can find all the ingredients I need and it doesn't require a through knowlegde of french cuisine and mastery of obscure techniques. I'm a professional cook, but I'm no Escoffier or Julia.

Of the recipes I've looked at I like Bourdain's and a few others. Should I take bits and pieces from recipes I like and make my own adaption or just follow a solid recipe? I also looked into buying the cassoulet kit from D'Artangan; has anyone used it?

What do y'all think? And damn I'm probably gonna need two large dutch ovens, right?

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