Not-Boring Thanksgiving Recipes?

i love cooking the thanksgiving meal, simply because i love cooking. but i am handcuffed, because i am in my 20s and am a child of Food Network. That is where i learned to cook. I will eat or cook anything. My family, meanwhile, wants the war horses. Mashed turnip. mashed potatoes. mashed parsnip. Roast turkey. Cranberry sauce.

this year i'm breaking out though. And i need your help. i am looking for 7 killer recipes: one amazing appetizer. one great recipe for a whole roast turkey (i already brine and generally follow alton brown's recipe). four sides- potatoes, a green vegetable, and two wild cards using classic american ingredients. and a dessert.

I can't fry a turkey so leave that out. and i can't use pork fat on the turkey. otherwise, go to town. i want to actually enjoy this thanksgiving. and use of cheese is a plus.


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