Minnesota Pizza

We've just recently moved to Minnesota and can't seem to fulfill our pizza craving. There are tons of pizza places but we don't know which ones to try anymore because every pie we've ordered here has a set of characteristics that don't seem right to us:

1. A round pizza cut into 30-40 tiny, unequal pieces 2. Paper thin crust that feels like wet cardboard 3. Toppings under the cheese 4. Cheese in a seemingly disproportional amount (maybe because of the crust) that slides down your throat while you're still chewing on it like taffy

We've asked our waiters if this is a Minnesota thing and no one can seem to give us an answer. From what we've experienced, it seems like the norm here, but we don't really like it.

My question is, are there any pizzerias that serve traditional crust round pizzas similar to Dominos or Pizza Hut style?( In the Twin Cities)

We want to find a good pie somewhere without resorting to the chains.


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