making up lost time - what's for dinner 11/10/09?

We haven't had one in a while, and though I know it's too early for most to have eaten dinner yet, I'm sure some of you know already what you're making - I do! I've also started cataloging my menus for the week (when I actually do them) just to help with ideas.

Is that weird, or do you other menu-planning-minded folks do this too? I can't decide if this is just a totally logical thing to be doing or if it kind of seals the deal on a new level of food-obsession (not that I'm going to stop, I think it's really helpful already).

Anyway, tonight we're having crispy baked tofu curry with some extra vegetables added in. Also, I pretty much never cook tofu so this is a little more adventurous/scary in the 'cooking something you're totally unfamiliar with' category.


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