Living on the Edge: Gas Station Junk Food

So, we're all self-proclaimed foodies in here, or chefs or manipulators of recipies. We've had our bacon stuffed foie gras hot dogs and white ganache cupcakes with cranberry coulis. Both sound really good even though I think I made them up...

We've all been to college or we've all been on low budget road-trips in our past and we've all been to convienence stores or gas stations on said excursions. But when you go into these establisments, you're not prone to find buffalo burgers or steak tare tare. You all have that gas station guilty pleasure.

I still have the occasional craving for a Tabasco Slim Jim and those potato crisps in the red bag. So what do you search out when you're at a gas station at 3:30 in the AM in the middle of nowhere, Idaho?


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