Less Mess on Thanksgiving Day

I have been cooking my Turkey (and Ham) the day before Thanksgiving (and Christmas) for over 30 years! I roast the Turkey as usual, let it cool for 30 minutes or so and then begin slicing as I would if I would be serving it. I slice it and place it into a large pretty rectangle casserole dish ... dividing it by light and dark meat. If I am going to serve to a smaller group on Thanksgiving, I only portion out what we will need. The rest is put into freezer bags. The turkey carcas is then broken up and placed into freezer bags to be used later in the year for soup. (I usually get 8 bags out of a 20 lb. Turkey ... this includes the wings and sometimes the drumsticks). On Thanksgiving Day I pour a bit of the turkey broth ... or chicken broth ... in the dish with the turkey and steam in the microwave ... delicious! ... and moist! This way I am not having to pick and pack turkey on T-day or have that large messy roaster to wash. It also is helpful in organizing refrigerator space. So much easier and I get to enjoy the day with my guests instead of spending so much of it in the kitchen.


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