Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

So im at a crossroad with this guy im seeing... We are either going to move forward or cut things lose...So i was making my pro con list, and his eating habbits really bother me. Should this be considered a deal breaker? Its not just picky eating either, he doesnt like cheesecake... (i want someone i can argue over the last piece with) No eggs (who doesnt love sunday morning eggs) Mayo, mustard, mushrooms, the list goes on. Its affecting the way i have to cook, and i LOVE to cook. When we first started dating i thought id be sweet and make him a sandwich (as im known for my sandwich making skills) well there was mustard on it, so he refused to even try it and went insdie to make his own. Ouch. I cook, he picks things out (biggest pet peve) Or he will put all the food i make on his plate to 'try' it and over half ends up in the garbage. Im not a waster so it makes me angry as well... Something I should consider... Or am i crazy to think this will work?! Any suggestions?!


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