Help: Deep fried turkey not crispy


I have a Masterbuilt electric turkey fryer (model # 20010306 if anyone's really interested), and I've made turkey in it a few times. I've made whole turkeys as well as pieces (wings and thighs), always in peanut oil. Though it come out tasting fine, it never gets dark brown and crispy as it does when others make it. I always let the meat get room temperature beforehand, and I cook it for the time specified in the fryer manual. One time I even cooked my wings/thighs for nearly twice as long as suggested to see if they'd get dark brown. No luck--they end up more chewy than crispy, with a light golden brown color. The only thing I haven't yet tried is verifying the temperature my fryer SAYS it's getting to with a separate thermometer. Unfortunately, I probably won't have the chance to try this until Thanksgiving Day this year. Anybody have any other ideas about what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks, MidnightFrost


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