Chocolate, fondant covered cherries

I'm hoping a resident candy genius can help me with this. My grandma, before she passed away, use to make the MOST AMAZING chocolate covered cherries. It was a maraschino cherry covered by a thick layer of pink cherry (or almond, not quite sure) flavored fondant. The confection was then hand dipped in Ghiradelli chocolate. The whole thing must have been the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller. But this will be the first Christmas without those chocolate covered cherries, and those are pretty much the only tradition I have for Christmas.

I would love to pick up the reigns and make these for my family (especially my father, he used to hoard them in some hidden part of the fridge) but my grandma never gave anyone a recipe for it. Does anyone have any ideas or recipes laying around for what I am looking for? Any help at all is so very much appreciated!


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