Beach Breakfast on the grill

Inspired by Ina Garten, who did an outdoor birthday breakfast on the grill - I would like to do a similar thing this weekend on the beach. Here is the menu I have in mind:

Breakfast Burritos - scrambled eggs done in pan on grill, tortillas warmed on grill, plus cheese, and guac and beans done ahead of time

Pioneer Woman's stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon - make before heading to beach, keep warm on grill or at room temp

Beer Bread Cinnamon Rolls - Bake before heading to beach, warm on grill - I am worried about them getting soggy

Smoked Salmon and Bagels - bagels toasted on grill

Any pitfalls?


Also, inviting 30 people, so trying to figure out how much to buy. I'm thinking 3 dozen eggs, 1 dozen jalapenos to split in half for a total of 24 stuffed peppers. Make 2 dozen mini cinnamon rolls. 1 package of salmon and 1 dozen bagels.

((I don't think all 30 will be in attendance.))

Thanks all!


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