What's your spice aversion?

Is there one spice/herb/flavor that you just can't stomach?

Mine is cloves. In high school, I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth out, and it wasn't like kids nowadays who have the luxury of being completely put under, only to wake up with a few gaping holes in their mouth. I went to our local family dentist who simply yanked them out with the help of a little novacaine and laughing gas.

Once the bleeding subsided, the dentist packed the open cavities with gauze soaked in clove oil. On top of that, the laughing gas left me nauseous. Ever since then, cloves have been my arch nemesis.

This aversion is sad for me, because I love fall/winter flavors. Cloves seem to sneak in everywhere. I swear I can detect them in a lot of curries. Clove-scented candles= Do Not Want.


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