Wanted: elegant buffet food ideas

I need to feed 25-30 people for dinner next week; a crowd of close business associates + spouses for a celebratory meal. It'll have to be a buffet, but I'd like it to feel a bit more elegant than typical fare and to use seasonal foods. What have you done that's worked well and 'wow'-ed the guests? I'm mostly looking for an idea for an entree or two, but throw anything my way. We've probably all done beef tenderloins and/or salmon for events like this. Other ideas? I love vegetarian offerings myself, but probably won't do that as a centerpiece. Limitations: I know several guests will not eat pork; no shellfish (I have a severe allergy); folks will be seated for dinner but not at a table, so not too much cutting, etc. Soup seems hard to manage unless it's its own course, so I'd be inclined to shy away from that. I'll probably want a mix of room temp and hot foods so I can do some dishes ahead.


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