Pittsburgh restaurant suggestions

I have a half-marathon coming up in Pittsburgh and need some restaurant suggestions.

Dinner: Relatively inexpensive Italian restaurant with large portions and a marinara or pomodoro that's not very oily. Fresh pasta is preferred, but dry pasta is okay too. A bread basket with Italian bread (not buttery garlic bread) is also a plus. I'm being a little picky here, but I like to keep everything semi-controlled before races. I'd probably just bring dinner in a tupperware for myself, but my dad's coming along and I hate to make him eat alone and/or make him eat tupperware pasta!

Lunch the next day: I can have a little more fun now that the race will be done! My dad's not a very adventurous eater, and I've watched him push his food around his plate at Indian and less Americanized Mexican restaurants before, so at least one or two "safe" options are a must. And nothing overly greasy, please. It'll be a Sunday afternoon, and I've heard Pamela's is pretty good...will they still be serving breakfast that late? I've also heard great stuff about Pittsburgh pierogies. Alternately, a buffet is always nice post-race. Again, inexpensive is a good thing.

Thanks for any suggestions! (And for putting up with my pickiness!)


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