Paul Rudnick's Candy Diet

There is a rather charming and seasonal article in the NY Times about the playwright and screenwriter Paul Rudnick's diet for pretty much his entire life:

Rudnick's diet pretty much consists of no vegetables, few fruits, no real meals, and is mostly composed of processed candy, snack cakes, and the occasional handful of Cheerios.

Health-wise, his doctor and dentist says that he seems to be fine.

My reaction: through portion control (his typical daily diet seems to clock in at 1200-1500 calories--a bit of a bagel, a pack of Yodels, handfuls of cereal, candy) he seems to maintain a healthy weight. As a kid,he would have been my 'hero' and like Rudnick, even today I'm a grazer, not a bit meal person, which helps keep my own weight stable. Personally, the types of cakes, cereal and candy he eats aren't that tasty to me any more, though.

The (tongue-in-cheek) article seems to suggest that perhaps nutrition is overrated and the human body is very adaptable. I definitely at that way at times, but because portion control was a problem, I had to redefine my diet. Any thoughts? Know anyone on an all-refined sugar diet who is flourishing?


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