Office Lunches

So my office building doesn't have a cafeteria, which forces all of us to either bring in lunches or go out. Lately (okay, for the last 3 years), my co-workers and I have leaned heavily towards going out because a) it is easier, b) it's usually tastier and c) it got us the hella out of the building.

Recently, things have gotten busier. Couple that with the overall need to be more frugal and healthier, I've been trying to find better ways of "packing" my lunch.

Sandwiches don't really cut it for me. I find the ones I'd want to eat to difficult to transport from home (mushiness issues). Leftovers make me sad. Cooking meals just to pack for lunch is an option, if I can get my act together and learn to thing that far ahead. Also, an issue I find with this last strategy is that I end up with A LOT of it and end up eating the same thing every day or having it go bad...sadness.

So, my question to you, what do you pack for lunch? I'm looking for quick home-cook ideas or even frozen meals that you might actually recommend.


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