Need turkey ideas for new cook/single busy mom

Need some cooking ideas for a newly single mom - she is a busy lady, limited time in the evening and in her past life, relied heavily on her husband to do the cooking. She is interested in learning some basic approaches to getting dinner on the table for her and her daughter - that's as far as it goes right now. I've offered the "make ahead on weekends, do the basic protein and veggie with a starch for the kiddo (lady is watching her weight and limits carbs)" tune.....

First up is ideas for left over turkey (as we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving) and her first (very successful I might add) attempt at making turkey broth in her newly baptized crockpot. I am pretty proud of her and want to give her lots of incentive to continue on her path of "home cooking for her little family" rather than resorting to the all to easy trap of take out that tired, overworked single parents fall into (and I've been one and I've been there and I'm not blaming...)

Can my Serious Eats friends help with some inspiring, kid-friendly, quick and easy meals to help out?


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