"My Baby Does the Hanky Panky": Odd snack food names--yours?

I'm always looking for different things to throw in the kids lunches or to send with them for school parties, and while I like to make many of the snacks and package them myself, sometimes, due to school requirements they must be pre-packaged. So, I was at Sam's Club in the bulk snack sized portioned aisle and came across Toad Alley's "Hanky Panky." It's chocolate drizzled caramel peanut popcorn. I knew my older son (15yrs.) would love it, except for the name. Too, ahem, weird or odd, in his book probably. It would have his friends making fun of him forever... I picked it up anyways and took advantage of the fact that I was picking him and a friend up from cross country practice which basically equals ravenous, howling hound dogs. A tiny sneer from my son over the name on the package, but instinct took over and many appreciative grunts of satisfaction ensued from them both. Now, in the lunch room, the odd name is half of the cool factor. Ya never know with teenagers. Never understood "King Dongs" (too many sniggers), Suzie Q's--well my sister is named Suzie, so I was jealous of her as a little kid and I wanted a cake named after me. Ben and Jerry's, I dig their icecream names, even though I got sick on a chocolate cherry shot and it took me a while to eat Cherry Garcia. So SE folks, what's your "hanky panky" odd named snack? And have you been able to tie it into if it's a cultural reference or perhaps a personal one (think Wendy's), maybe named after a family member or friend?


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