Got a Per Se reservation- have questions

So finally, the stars aligned with my schedule, and I was able to get a Per Se reservation for December. Cue excitement. A friend (with whom I have cooked some dishes from the French Laundry Cookbook) and I are very much looking forward to it, having drunkenly slept through our Ad Hoc reservations when we were in the Napa Valley this summer. (We had been unable to get French Laundry rezzies that night; I was bummed at the time, but looking back it's a blessing in disguise).

So I had a few questions for those of you in the know. First, we're 22 and 23 years old - full-time grad students. Someday, we hope to have a lot of money, but for now... well, education is expensive. We're aware of the $275/head tasting menu, but what can we expect to spend on wine? When I go out to eat, I enjoy a glass, maybe two, but I don't want to be considered cheap at a great restaurant. Do they expect us to order lots of wine? Any advice on handling that situation?

Also, the other thing - we got a table for four because it was more available than a table for two. However- we're 22 and 23 and none of our other friends are willing to drop six weeks' food budget on one meal. We're optimistic that we'll be able to find some people to fill the other two seats, but what if we don't? I can't find any information about cancellation fees before the 72-hour window, but definitely don't want to pay them. Could we let another person use my reservation if someone, say, from Serious Eats or Craigslist wanted a table for four on a lovely December evening? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to auction the table on Ebay, just trying to make sure all the bases are covered just in case.

Thanks in advance :) I'm very excited, having had varying degrees of success in recreating French Laundry cookbook recipes. It's going to be fun to see what they're actually intended to taste like.


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