Dry replacement for eggs, anyone?

I saw a topic (before I joined!) about using ground flax seed to replace eggs in recipes. Now that I've joined - I can't find that string! Anyway, I need something that I can add to a dry bran muffin mix to replace eggs, so that when I make up the mix (while camping) I can just add water and oil. If ground flax seed will work - great - but how MUCH equals one egg? And can I just add the flax to the big batch of mix as I'm making it (before dividing it into 1-dozen-muffin size packages) or - as I read earlier - does the flax have to be mixed with water BEFORE adding to the batter? I'd rather not have to, but I could do that if I just knew how much ground flax seed to use to replace each egg. Whew! I hope that makes sense!


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