Do You Check Out Other Peoples' Fridges?

I thought of this while I was searchig for my first home recently (I close on the 10th!!! Very exciting!!), because it was something that I constantly saw myself doing.

So, when you look at homes where the appliances are a part of the package, I always check them out, and I have found some really interesting things in them from time to time. Once, there was someone who literally had a single egg in the fridge and a freezer loaded with frozen dinners. Nothing to drink, though.

Then, there was the complete re-do of a condo that had a fridge full of wine, beer and various other alcohol acoutrements (limes, lemons, cherries, etc), but other than that, really just bread.

I have never really done it while at a friend's home, but I am curoius to know who does that. I have always heard the story of looking through peoples' bathroom vanities, but I have never done that. So, do foodies skip that and go right for the fridge? Or the pantry? And if so, what have you found? And if you did it while looking for a home, like me, did that sway your opinion one way or another?


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