Cooking for one (person) ideas?

So I'm moving out of NYC after 7 years (tear) to Paris (ok, maybe no tear, but still) for a few years and for the first time, I'm going to be living completely by myself (no parents, no roommates, no living with the bf) and will be cooking for one.

I've always had issues judging how much one portion is when I cook and end up with a ton of food. I'm going to be working a lot (12h+ including most weekends). I eat pretty much everything. I'd also prefer not to make a large batch of something and eat it for days (i.e., chili / curry, both of which I love), but rather make something and reinvent the leftovers (roast chicken into chicken salad the next day, for example). Any advice / suggestions / recipes serious eaters?

Merci :)


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