Chris Kimball's NY Times Editorial

I'm surprised no one has posted his "Ship of Fools" editorial yet:

Adam at the Amateur Gourmet posted a respose:

Even if you don't read the AG response, scroll down towards the end of the comments, which includes some gossip about what Kimball is like in real life.

I posted this on FB but am reposting here--basically, I like ATK and CI's recipes, especially for baking, but the proprietary attitude towards their content makes me very uncomfortable, not just as a beginning cook, but also as a civil libertarian.

For fun, reading the editorial in a really snooty voice can be entertaining. Or at least, I entertained myself while doing so.

Sometimes editorials to the NY Times can be tough, dense and chewy. Our test writers tried writing 3,456 different versions before we produced one that was acceptable to send in...


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