Bertolli-style dinner recipes?

I have discovered OAMC (Once-a-month-cooking) and although I'm not ready to go to that extreme, I have had fun making meals in advance and using my fabulous new food sealer (sigh) to fill up the freezer with things I can quickly throw on the dinner table when I get home too late to cook from scratch. We don't eat out much - since I try to use organic and (whenever possible) local foods, and the most "humane" meat possible (often, Kosher), I don't like to eat food whose "provenance" is unknown.

SO, I have been looking for recipes - or at least pointers - on making dinners like those frozen Bertolli dinners (which I think are not bad [with a few additions] - but who knows where the ingred.s come from?!) using pasta, sauces, veg, and meats. Like do you cook everything in advance, freeze everything seperately, then bag, seal and freeze? Would you just blanche boneless chicken breasts (before freezing) or use raw strips that would cook fast? Fully cook pasta or only par-cook? Seafood, I assume raw and frozen. Freeze sauce in ice cube trays perhaps then toss into the mix? So, I'm just looking for advice, and perhaps some recipes if anyone has been doing this. Thanks!


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