What's for Dinner Tonight? The 'Come-Back-GatorPam!' Edition.

Hi Eaters,

We are a diverse community with interests both highly technical and delightfully silly. Like any community, we have conflict over direction, minor disagreements and squabbles. Recent threads have addressed these, and many have expressed regret that recent squabbles may have chased a new-ish commenter away.

I think there's room for everyone. In an attempt to lure GatorPam and others back into the fold, I'm bringing back one of her threads. As Adam mentioned, they are like checking in before homeroom, seeing where everyone is going. I liked reading them and often got both ideas for my own menu planning and often the desire to try some more technically difficult things on my own. I get courage, ideas, and hungry.

So, eaters? What's for dinner tonight? I'm doing a simple honey-ed curry chicken with chick peas, madrasi style curry powder, and cauliflower. Served on rice with a simply dressed spinach salad.


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