What Should I Make to Accompany Mac and Cheese

Hi all, This is my first time asking for your advice but I have read some really helpful posts here and I'm hoping you guys can help inspire me... I'm cooking tomorrow (Saturday) for a boy I'm hoping to win over. I want to make the famous Martha Stewart mac and cheese because mac and cheese is his favorite. But I can't decide if I should have the mac and cheese be the entree and just add sides (like a veggie - roasted asparagus or broccoli perhaps?)... or if I should make a protein (roasted chicken perhaps?) and have the mac and cheese and a veggie as the side. I know (hope) he will think the mac and cheese is the star, but think it will be slightly more classy if there is a protein with the mac and cheese as the side.

Any thoughts or advice or inspiration for how I should put together this win-over-a-boy meal would be greatly appreciated!



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