The perfect fried rice

The perfect fried rice is something I do all the time and it is yummy. The key is simple. Keep it simple.

Ingredients: 4 cups 'Room temperature' cooked Jasmine rice. (should be slightly under cooked) couple oz small finely chopped carrot couple oz fresh green onion couple oz fresh peas (optional) salt & pepper Low sodium soy sauce 2-3 tbsp Veg oil 2-3 eggs

Use a large diameter fry pan. The more surface area the better. Heat the pan on the burner first. Once the pan is already hot, add the veg oil. It should coat almost the entire pan. Wait till the oil just starts to smoke (important). Now get ready to work fast. Throw in the rice, carrot, onion and peas evenly over the bottom of the pan. LET IT SIT for 10-20 seconds. You will feel like its burning... this is OK... you want a little crispy... keep the heat on high. Now scrape the bottom of the pan and mix it all around... get all that crispy goodness off the bottom of the pan. Now douse the rice with low sodium soy until the rice is very light light brown color. keep moving the rice around. Move all rice over to one side of the pan and move that side of the pan off the burner so that the empty side is directly over the heat... still on high. Put a little more oil on the empty side and then the 2-3 eggs. Quickly scramble and chop the eggs into small bits... again, you want a little bit of burn... just just a little. When the eggs are done, fold them into the rice, cover it and remove it from heat. Let it sit for about 1 min. Scrape out entire contents into a bowl and compact it down. It will be heaven in a bowl.

Salt and pepper to taste.


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