The Naughty Chef

My cable company has this feature called On Demand that lets me watch recorded shows whenever I want for free. I couldn't sleep the other night and noticed a new cooking-related show on the Oxygen channel called The Naughty Chef. I watched the teaser episode and it was horrible.

I found Blythe Beck to be really annoying and obnoxious. Plus, I know frying is big in the south, but it's kind of condescending to assume that just because your restaurant is in Texas, that frying a bunch of stuff and using loads of butter is going to be enough.

The whole "naughty" concept is beyond me, too. I thought she was the "naughty chef" because her food was really bad for you, but she wants you to indulge anyways. During interview segments her reasoning behind the naughty thing didn't make any sense. She said something about it being confident and passionate about your food and the things you eat. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Has anyone else seen The Naughty Chef? Am I coming down too hard on Blythe? I wasn't familiar with her before seeing this show, so I can only base my opinion on what I've seen thus far.


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