Slow and Low Pork Ribs Question

Hi Eaters,

Had my 'foodie' brother and his family over for dinner on the weekend and did some pork ribs. I gave it a generous dry rub on Saturday, and then put them over indirect heat on the grill (about 200degrees) for just over three hours on Sunday afternoon. Finished with a homemade 'memphis style' bbq sauce. They were tender and delicious.

My bro claim that he'd never heard of that application; he was wary when they were cooking that they'd be cardboard dry even at that low heat. He only ever stands ribs on their side in the oven in a pool of beer and some spices, w/a dry rub on, cooks low and slow there for a few hours before finishing on the grill. I can't really understand the benefit to this method. Anyone with practical experience?

Does the beer/liquid really penetrate a standing rack of ribs? It's not as though the method braises them? Or does it? I've had his ribs, they're also quite good, I'm just curious as to whether that method has some really distinct benefits.


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