Serious Efforts: Making aged hard cheeses at home

I've made a few grana style cheeses, two with one gallon of milk, the latest was made with four gallons and weighs about 1kg and is in it's brine. A couple questions:

• how do you determine how long the cheese needs to be brined for? The recipe for the one gallon grana called for 30 hours of brining time, is this scalable in a linear way? Should my 4 gallon cheese brine for 120 hours? Is there a formula for brining based on weight / size of the cheese?

• I'm keeping them in my wine fridge at about 50* F, not sure what the humidity in there is. Is there anything I should do humidity wise? Do I need a hygrometer?

• I've been flipping the cheeses about every day. I've been cleaning surface mold off with white vinegar, and rubbing with olive oil. Is there anything else I need to do or look out for?

Any other tips, suggestions etc.? Any must read books? I've been getting my info and recipes from and from The Cheese Wizard. I've found their instructions to be vague and they seem to omit some critical pieces of info...


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