Refrigerating tomatoes: is that so wrong?

So I was eating lunch today at what had seemed to be a pretty nice restaurant. The salad was kind of bad, but in a vague way that I couldn't piece together until after getting back to work: the tomatoes, while looking great, were pretty mushy and didn't taste like much of anything. They were also really cold.

Now, I remember from my trusty Field Guide to Produce that refrigerating tomatoes is frowned on, but do any of you know why, exactly? Does it really cause the kind of mushy blandness in that salad, or was that a coincidence? I'm concerned now about the groceries I bring home; I should probably be more careful about what goes in the fridge, and what goes on the counter. Because I know I've just blithely thrown tomatoes in my refrigerator along with everything else.


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