NYT reviewer is on the rampage

Has anyone else noticed that the writer (Pete Wells) who is doing the interim restaurant reviews for the NYT seems to be trying to cram in as many negative comments and reviews as possible? I haven't gone to any of the places he has reviewed and it's definitely likely that these place deserve it, but he just seems to have a lot of nasty stuff to say in general. His reviews are pretty unpleasant to read and mostly are whiny complaints about the servers or the decor and not enough commentary on the food. Maybe I'm imagining things, but even though he gave the restaurant this week 1 star, it was more like a back-handed insult. I definitely don't feel inclined to try any of the places he's written about. It's like he's intentionally reviewing bad places to clear them out of the queue for Sam Sifton. I guess he's every restaurant's frenemy right now.


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