monster zukes?

I'll start off bragging about how despite my usual black thumb, I managed to grow a decently bountiful garden this year (compared to last year when I killed FIVE zucchini plants). w00t!

However, my bf (who I credit largely with this year's success) got a little overzealous with the planting and didn't thin out any of the plants, especially the squash ... so with all those giant leaves for the squash to hide from us under, we've ended up with some absolutely monsterous zucchini. They're great fun to laugh at, but I'm wondering if I can eat them!

The one is almost six inches in diameter at the largest part at the base, and between the two truly huge squashes I'd say the average diameter is 3.5-4.5". I've heard that when they're too big, they aren't good to eat because they get woody - but can I use them in bread? How about a stuffed zucchini? Are they just not as good or are they simply not edible once they hit a certain hilarious size?



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