Happy Thursday fellow foodies; I attempted an experiment last night with my Papa's ground deer meat. I didn't have much in the pantry; so I fried up some meatballs, a pot of sauerkraut and some smashed potatoes. I finished it with a brown gravy from the meatball pan.

I din't have eggs OR breadcrumbs. Hence: they were slightly fragile. I fried 3-ata-time and kept the moulded balls in the freezer until I dropped them in the pan. So they didn't collapse completely.

They turned out okay: but I added a bit too much salt/seasoning. Eaters: Whats' your standard meatball receipe? Any tips for me? Secrets? Seasoning combos? :D hungrychristel

PS: i love humour as much as anyone; please refrain from throwing the topic in the 'gutter' (if you can LOL)


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