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How do you all feel about clarified unsalted butter v. melted salted butter? I went to Chops Lobster Bar last night with my husband for a "special treat" dinner and we had stuffed Lobster, which was served with a pretty little chafing ramekin of clarified butter. Now, I'm a huge Lobster lover, growing up in NE...and have eaten my fair share, served in every way possible. I've always loved a good boiled lobster with plain old melted salted butter the best. For me, the milk solids and salt in the plain ol'butter pairs best with the delicate flavor of the lobster. I have to say, my $45 lobster fest last night was, at best, "Meh"...due in large part I believe to the sad absence of that simple melted butter. The clarified butter had NO FLAVOR whatsoever...sure, it looked all pretty and golden in that little ramekin, but it was flavorless oil to me. A big disappointment. I almost was tempted to just ask for some melted regular butter. But didn't. I regret not doing so. Now, maybe I'm in the minority here....I know "clarified" butter is fancier and perhaps more pleasing to the eye...but for me it lacks passion and flavor...I have to admit loving the milk solids and salt in my melted butter. Who's with me?


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