How do you plan your meals for the week?

My husband and I have different work schedules, and as a result we have to figure out a basic meal list for the week. It ends up being planned in two ways:

1) Looking at what's in our fridge and freezer, and deciding on meals based on said ingredients. (We came up with this technique after my mother decided to pack our freezer with tons of frozen meats during her yearly visit to our side of the continent... let's just say, she is a pro packer.)

2) Finding recipes (nowadays, from SE!) that I've been dying to try, and buying ingredients as a result.

In the end, the list of 'meal ideas' ends up on a whiteboard on our fridge, and we cook based on the list and what we feel like for the evening; if something's remaining on that list, we leave it up for the next.

Just curious if anyone takes a similarly insane route for their meal planning... :) If not, how do you decide what you're eating for dinner?


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