Gadget Demos

So, I've become quite friendly with the folks that opened a kitchen store in town, and I volunteered to do some demos for them of things they sell in the store. The idea is that I use whatever gadget to make some sort of food, which is given as samples, and I also demo it there so people get the idea how useful it is.

The first thing they wanted me to demo won't be available in time for the first demo date, so we looked around for something else, and ended up with the Microplane box grater and the Microplane cut-proof glove.

For the snack, I'll be bringing a carrot cake that requires grated carrots, and I can bring other veggies to torture...and I could make a slaw or something and toss dressing on it there, but that's not all that exciting.

Can you guys think of anything else that would be interesting to use a box grater for? That would make interesting snacks? That might not be the first thing people think of? I'm stuck on thinking about grated cheese, slaw, carrots...


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