Funky cheeses: How'd you develop a taste for it?

Took a cheese class last sunday that focused on great American cheeses. We tasted two that really, totally threw me for a loop and made me want to wipe my tongue with a napkin (I resisted.)

Rogue Creamery's Rogue River Blue and Cowgirl Creamery's Red Hawk really made me hurt. A lot. But I was in a tiny minority (4 of us in a class of 30?) that hated them - especially the Red Hawk.

Funky Cheese Lovers - tell me how you developed your love for the really pungent, stinky, strong cheeses? Did you start out hating it, then loved it later? Was it immediate love? Is it like cilantro - some people just straight up love it, others will never like it at all? I feel like I'm missing out.

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