Fig Tree

Just for fun I bought a black mission fig tree in June. It rained and rained and my tree grew. I didn't know anything about when I might see fruit or where it would be (not a farmer), but it was only $10.00 and I LOVE figs.

In July the rained dried up and the sun shot the temps up and all of a sudden there is a fig in every notch of the tree. Now what?

When can I expect them to ripen? I may get a dozen decent sized ones, but many of them are miniscule towards the top of the tree. If I bring the tree inside by the middle of October and they have not ripened will they get any bigger and ripen? Guess I shouldn't have gotten it. I put a tomato plant in and got two tomatoes. Now while you are laughing at me know this..the tomatoes were delicious!

Oh, Lemonfair, I know you can help.


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