Anthropomorphizing my new Mixer: am I alone?

This talk topic absolutely falls under the category of silly, so haters are free to ignore me.

I just this morning got a Kitchen-Aid Accolade tilt head stand mixer at a ridiculously good price (I'm not schilling, maybe bragging, *cough*$380 CANADIAN dollars*cough*).

Price aside, he's tall and silver and strong, and extremely good looking. As I make excuses to wander into the kitchen and pet his tough tilting arm, I find myself searching for appropriate names. Clint? Rodney? Sven? I know he won't ever be just 'the mixer'.

Am I alone? Does anyone else get attached to their kitchen tools, assign them genders and personalities? Who works alongside you in your kitchen? My microplane zester has no name, but I KNOW she's one tough Mama.


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