young ladies drinking 'sweet wines'--ha!

I've never started a thread before, but this idea has remained in my head since last night.

I'm a wine person. A young wine person. (few and far between, these are.) I find that for other college kids, 'wine' equates those cheap, fruity, syrupy, high-sugar and low alcohol- level wretched bottlings that are sold in college towns. (elsewhere too, of course, I realize--but I'm pointing out this pervasive condition among young ladies. In effect, students)

Anyway, my two roommates and I made a trip to the corner liquor store, and we had quite a time: between my jabs at them for their simple drink choices--a horribly cloying riesling for one, and even more hilariously, a BLACKBERRY wine(!) for the other; and their advice sought from me, where my taste was really nonsensical to them. It was just harmlessly funny.

So anyone else want to share in a giggle about that poo that typical young ladies like to drink?


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