Who's Made Momofuku Bo Ssam at Home?

There's an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain visits Ssam and dives into the bo ssam, which features a gorgeously caramelized pork butt as the centerpiece. If you haven't seen it--you are missing out on some incredible food porn! Silly me! It's called the Food Porn episode.

So, I've been fixating on that pork butt ever since. I want to make it during my family vacation. I know it'll be a huge hit. I know how to make the traditional Korean version of bo ssam and I have a few ideas of my own to tweak the original. AND, I found a recipe from David Chang, himself, on Martha Stewart's site (she's a huge fan of his, too--she was practically gushing during the intro...well, as much as proper MS can gush).

Has anyone tried the recipe on Martha's site? How did it go? What would you do differently? Have you actually tried the bo ssam at Ssam? How did the recipe compare to the restaurant dish?

Ed? Are you out there? You've raved about Chang's bo ssam in the past. Care to give me any tips or advice on this?


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