What's for Dinner? 08/29

My husband works two jobs on Saturdays and is basically gone 24 hours. So typically Saturday nights for my nearly 16 year old son and I (hereafter referred to by his name, Beorn) are C.O.R.N. nights.

What's CORN? It's an acronym coined by a fellow poster on a parenting site I frequented years ago when Beorn was first born, called Moms Online. Whether that poster coined it herself or got if from somewhere else, I don't know. But it stands for Clean Out (the) Refrigerator Night. I've seen others refer to eating planned overs with the same phrase, so I figure that acronym may be welcome.

We still have some roast chicken left, as the chicken cheese lasagna only used two cups of meat. Some pasta and home made tomato gravy. A couple of bratwurst. And some frozen veggies to choose between.

Even though it's hot, I think I'll combine the chicken and bratwurst (sliced) with some veggies and chicken stock to make a quick soup. Then toss the pasta and sauce to reheat.

Dinner's done. :)


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