What would you eat if you couldn't chew for a week?

So of course, as soon as I start my food blog, I get a phone call: my tonsillectomy has been moved up from September 8th to this Wednesday (i.e. yesterday). Good for my health, but not so good for serious eating!

So I figured, for my first post here ever, I'd ask the serious eaters themselves: what would you eat if you couldn't chew for a week?* And what would be your first meal upon re-entering the world of the chewing?

Me, I've been surviving on common fare like popsicles as well as more inventive fare like ground-up chicken and rice in broth--it's so nice to eat real food once in a while. And I'm thinking my first meal back is going to be a big cheese pizza, with extra everything. (It was my last meal before the tonsillectomy, too!)

Post-surgery, I can't go much further than my computer, so I eagerly await your suggestions and comments! :)

* Technically, I can chew, but in reality I can't chew anything to be as small as I would need it to be to swallow. Solids have to be minced, basically.


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