What lengths do you go through for your favourite?

The city I currently live in has absolutely zero decent pizza places, they are all chains, and they all suck. The town I grew up in, however, has more "mom & pop" places than chains, and I often crave the pizza from home. I got to missing it so much, that I have tried several ways to be able to have it. Now, when my folks or sister come for a visit, they bring me a pizza. But there is some effort... here's what we do:

1) Order pizza to specifications, but order it NOT cooked 2) bring pizza home, place in fridge for 1 hour, then freezer for one hour. 3) after the hour, wrap tightly in saran-wrap, then aluminum foil, return to freezer. 4) 2 hours before departure (for a 3 hour drive) line cooler with with ice packs. 5) Place frozen pizza into cooler, and drive. 6) Once here, it goes to the freezer. 7) The day before I want pizza, I put it in the fridge. 8) The day of, put in the stone and crank the oven as hot as it will get. 9) cook as needed, and enjoy pizza from home.

I know this is a lot of effort for a pizza, but ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do.

So what lengths do you go through to get the stuff you like?


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